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In FRP Fanless Cooling Tower, water is cooled with regular climatic air voyaging. The water is showered with the assistance of Spray spouts and is covered with louver covers. This technique saves the working expense as it has no mechanical fans. These cooling towers are likewise called environmental cooling towers or Natural and filless cooling towers. These Fanless cooling towers depend on the rule of move of warmth from high temp water to environmental air by orchestrating both, air and water to interact with one another in such a style that warmth move is most extreme.

FRP Fanless Cooling Tower manufacturers, suppliers and exporters

These towers are by and large valued by our clients since they’re low in upkeep, can be effortlessly introduced anyplace, and are climate safe. Since there are no fans, engine, and gearbox, they are low commotion Cooling Towers contrasted with different sorts of FRP Fanless Cooling. They burn-through amazingly low force and what’s more, they’re exceptionally lightweight and upkeep free.

FRP Fanless Cooling Tower Spare Parts

Cooling towers are planned such that they give inconvenience free life and very basic upkeep. Subsequently, the accessibility of great extra parts for cooling towers assumes an extremely crucial part in the producer’s part. Our extra part the board administrations guarantee the perfect part at the perfect time, along with a scope of significant worth added administrations. We provide premium quality spare parts to all the clients.

Some extra parts we give include:

P.P. Nozels


Extended Shaft Motors

PVC & FRP Fills

Drive Shafts

Gear Box

PVC V-Bars

FRP Blades

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